Conveyor Solutions

Carton Conveyors

Carton Conveyors are used when there is a requirement to move boxes, totes or cartons from one area of the warehouse to another.

Typical operations which utilize carton conveyors are zone picking operations and Goods to Person (GTP) operations

There are many different types of carton conveyors for various applications. The main types are;

  • Gravity Roller
  • Powered Roller
  • Belt Driven
  • Chain Driven

A properly designed and implemented conveyor system can add benefits such as;

  • Reduced labour costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Workplace Health & Safety (WH & S) compliant

Conveyor Systems can be deployed as;

  • PLC
  • WCS
  • Stand alone Card Logic
  • Zero Pressure accumulation (ZPA)

Pallet Conveyors

Pallet Conveyors can be used for a variety of requirements such as

  • Receiving – Handling of incoming pallets to areas for unloading or storage
  • Palletizing and De-palletizing – Handling of full or empty pallets into position for palletizing or de-palletizing
  • Storage – Ensure consistent and reliable pallet flow in and out of storage mediums
  • Outbound Staging – Accumulate pallets in the correct

A correctly designed and implemented Conveyor System can add benefits such as;

  • Fast and smooth pallet transfers
  • Can accommodate multiple pallet sizes and types
  • High system reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Compact system profile
  • Adjustable within -1mm + 1mm tolerance

Sortation Systems

Sortation Systems are utilized when there is a high volume of products that need to flow to multiple destinations within a Distribution Centre (DC). Sortation Systems are normally comprised of a specific type of sortation technology and often various other types of conveyor equipment.

The typical types of sortation systems are;

  • Linear or Line Sorters – As the name implies they sort in a straight line. These sortation systems induct a product at one end and move them along their length, diverting them to one or both sides depending on the type of unit.
  • Loop or Circle Sorters – Can be configured with tight radius curves to maximize space and conform to facility limitations. Looped Sortation Systems are typically comprised of a series of cells linked together on a track. Product is inducted onto these cells either manually or automatically at any point along the Conveyor System. Once the product reaches the cell associated to the inventory a divert mechanism is actuated and the products are diverted to that cell.

A properly designed and implemented Sortation System deliveries benefits such as;

  • High throughputs of up to 24,000 items per hour
  • Highly accurate
  • Cost efficient

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