Opex Sure Sort


Automated Put-Wall Solution, ROI achieved in as little as 6 months

Fast, reliable, and efficient order fulfillment depends on a high-throughput sorting system, the heart of any modern distribution center, retail store, or micro-fulfillment center. With increasing labor costs and supply-chain challenges, the demand for more responsive operations has never been more crucial. The OPEX® Sure Sort® automated sorting system is used by leading retailers, 3PLs, and distributors that require cost-effective and accurate order handling, cross-docking, and reverse logistics as an alternative solution to traditional put wall sorting, increasing productivity without increasing labor needs.


Automated put walls help meet the increasing demand for smaller, more frequent orders while improving the overall efficiency of distribution operations. The OPEX® Sure Sort® automated put wall is a scalable, configurable, and cost-effective small-item automated sorting solution that reduces the number of excessive touches associated with existing sorters.


The Sure Sort® can handle virtually any item you throw at it, from shipping labels, paper and pencils right up to shoe boxes and parcels.

Deployable from 90 locations and 900 sorts per hour right up to 600+ locations and 2400 sorts per hour. Manufacture, shipping and commissioning can be achieved from roughly 6 months once an order is placed.


Smarter Automated Solutions can supply a complete software solution to integrate the Opex Sure Sort into your business. Be it stand alone deployment or fully integrated we have the right software solution for you.


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